2 de fevereiro de 2012


This is the first time I participate.
If I get it, I will post a picture based on the suggestion made for the week.
This is my contribution and I hope you enjoy.
I used 8 images from my file and apply a texture(grunge surprise texture ) that I downloaded from the site.

This is the image that I wanted to post last week, as suggestion, but it wasn't possible

7 comentários:

ceevee disse...

Very nice abstractions, both of them

Ida disse...

Both of these are very unique. I love all the colors and patterns in your 1st photo.
The 2nd one is also quite nice and looks as if rays of sunlight are beaming from within the flowers.

Kaylene disse...

Love both of them, the textures are warm and inviting.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. disse...

Both images are intriguing. The editing you have done on the first one truly makes it look like a painting. I'm delighted that you are sharing your art work with Photo Art Friday!!!

Tatjana Parkacheva disse...

Nice work.

Regards and best wishes

Marilyn disse...

Your work on both of these is outstanding. The colors in the top image are just wonderful and the use of the filter makes me think of looking through a kaleidoscope.

kareninkenai disse...

Both are very nice. Amazing to do the abstracts. thanks, karen