29 de setembro de 2012

Cruz de Malta

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Scientific name: Malpighia aquifolia L.

28 de setembro de 2012

Abstraction from Nature

Abstraction from Nature, this is the optional prompt for this week.

25 de setembro de 2012

22 de setembro de 2012


The Strelitzia is a plant native to South Africa.
It is much visited by hummingbirds.

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21 de setembro de 2012


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The leaf even after drought and eroded still has a beauty.
I use the pdpa_Magic Moutain

15 de setembro de 2012


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Today I escape the theme, but hope you enjoy my boldness ...


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The Epidendrum orchid is native to the Serra do Mar, Brazil.

9 de setembro de 2012

US Open NY, Garden

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