22 de novembro de 2012


This is not the picture of a medieval castle in Europe.
It's a restaurant on a highway in the city of St. Carlos, SP, Brazil.
The Maltese Cross in front of the entrance is the symbol of the Templars, who financed the great voyages that ended up discovering America and Brazil.
This symbol is on all the sails of the caravels discoverers.
I do not know the story of this building.

This is the overview of the building.

Important note

Last week was not possible to post my photo art, I was sick and when I could post the inscriptions had already ended.

Anyone with curiosity can access the link:

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Anônimo disse...

love the building! and your processing is excellent!

Currie Silver disse...


Pat disse...

Neat edit!

Anônimo disse...

The texture worked very well with your photo!

Ida disse...

You have a great eye for spotting this unique building and symbol. It worked perfectly with the texture.