8 de novembro de 2012


The theme of this Friday is Lines.
 This photo was taken in NY on the way to U.S. tennis open in September this year.
I use the pdpa blue en blue.

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6 comentários:

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. disse...

Love how the tops of the tracks seem illuminated. Your choice of texture really (yet subtly) adds to the theme of lines. Beautiful edit!

So you are a tennis fan! Me too.

Anônimo disse...

beautiful example for Bonnie's challenge!

Ida disse...

This is very nice. I like the subtle feel you gave the photo. It's quiet interesting with the different angles of the lines both vertical and horizontal in the picture.

Pat disse...

Nice interpretation of the theme.

Currie Silver disse...

BEautimous and very interesting take on the lines. I like it very much!!

Miriam disse...

I love the colours in your picture and the lines are gorgeous. I really like train tracks.